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Whether you’ve lost one arch of teeth or both, dentures at Arden Dental Services immediately and cost-effectively restore your radiant smile. You can choose from immediate dentures, traditional dentures, or implant-supported overdentures. To preserve your oral health and restore your smile with dentures, contact Arkady Pavlov, DDS, at Arden Dental Services in South Brooklyn, New York City, today by phone or online form.

Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable false teeth set into a gum-colored acrylic base that slip over your own gums to replace teeth you’ve lost to decay, infection, or an accident. Even with the advances in smile restoration over the past decades, traditional dentures are still the fastest and most cost-effective way to replace one or both arches of missing teeth. 

Whether you need immediate dentures, traditional dentures, or implant-supported dentures, the team at Arden Dental Services helps you choose the right type of tooth replacement to match all of your needs, including your budget.

Why should I get dentures?

If you’ve ever seen an older person without teeth, you may have noticed that the lower part of their face looks shorter than normal. This isn’t just because of the absence of their teeth: Without healthy pressure on their gums from chewing, their jawbones gradually wither away, too.

Though surgically inserted dental implants are the most natural type of tooth replacement and do a better job of creating healthy pressure on your jawbone, dentures help you chew normally and help preserve the shape of your lower face. Getting dentures:

  • Protects your gums
  • Helps slow jawbone loss
  • Aids in chewing and digestion
  • Restores your appearance

At Arden Dental Services, the team orders dentures that match your type of tooth shape and skin tone for a natural-looking and radiantly restored smile. You must remove, clean, and soak your dentures overnight. 

What are immediate dentures?

Before tooth extraction surgery, your dentist orders a temporary denture set that can protect your gums after while they heal. They then fit you for custom-designed permanent dentures.

What are implant-supported overdentures?

Implant-supported overdentures combine the best of dental implants with the best of dentures. Your Arden Dental Services surgically places four dental implants per each arch that’s missing teeth. Your custom-designed overdentures then snap onto the implants for added stability. Because the implants extend into your jawbone, they do a better job of stimulating bone growth than dentures alone.

To find out which type of dentures is best to restore your teeth, contact the Arden Dental Services today by phone or online form.